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The Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc. is responsible for the provision of primary rescue services to the citizens of Cannon County, Tennessee. Other services to County include vehicle extrication/rescue, emergency medical first response, medical stand-by, animal rescue/removal, land search/rescue, and water rescue/recovery. Extensive technical rescue assets are also provided. Our Rescue Teams have extensive training, equipment, and capabilities in cave/vertical/confined space operations, heavy/technical rescue (including farm accidents, airplane accidents, as well as trench collapses), water rescue, land based search operations, support services and disaster/medical operations.

Members of our Squad are also heavily involved with emergency/rescue education for Cannon County and the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS). We have four State Certified TARS Level I Instructors. Our Instructors are certified to teach Basic Vehicle Extrication, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC), Vanessa K. Free Driver's Training, Exposure Control Training, and Rural Search and Rescue Training. To contact us about training, please fill out the Contact Us section of our website.

The Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc. is a non-profit emergency service organization formed in 1978. Since 1978, our Squad has been the only organization providing Rescue Services to all of Cannon County. We also respond in the Middle and Upper Cumberland Tennessee Regions through mutual aid agreements with other emergency departments and state agencies.

Our staff is composed completely of community volunteers. We have Members representing a cross-section of the community: from factor and construction workers to emergency medical providers and office professionals. The Squad has maintained a membership base of at least twenty volunteers for the past thirty years.

Our Members are what make our organization a great place to volunteer. Our Membership base has continued to grow throughout the years, and we generally have more than thirty active Members on the roster at any given time. We also have five retired Lifetime Members who represent nearly three quarters of a century of volunteer work with the Rescue Squad. Currently, we have members that have served the Squad and our County for over twenty years.

Once an applicant becomes a Member of the Squad he/she will begin an orientation process that will last up to one year. Members are required to obtain training in areas of emergency vehicle operations, vehicle extrication and exposure control. This training is conducted by certified instructors, all who are Members of the Squad. Members are also provided with training in areas such as land search and recue operations, water rescue and recovery, low and high angle rescue, etc.

There are many different areas of which to perform volunteer work with the Rescue Squad. Responding to emergency rescue calls represents the bulk of our work; however, vehicle maintenance, rescue education, finance and fundraising, community outreach and grant writing are all areas to volunteer your time. Your efforts will really make a difference in someone’s life. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Cannon County Rescue Squad, please fill out the “contact us” section of our website.

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