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About the Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc.


  Meet Our Team

Mission Statement  Our primary mission is to deliver Rescue Services to the citizens of Cannon County. The secondary mission of our organization is to provide disaster relief and support operations of our mutual partners in emergency services in Cannon, surrounding counties, and throughout the great State of Tennessee.

Vision  Our vision is to provide coordinated multi-agency teamwork and response to the citizens of Cannon County and the residents of the State of Tennessee. We are sworn to protect their lives and regard it as an honor to do so.

Values  We value human life. Our values reach deep inside our beliefs. These beliefs were rooted in a strong foundation and are governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization. We value the same from other emergency service agencies with whom we have a partnership.

Goals  Our goal is to save lives by providing optimal Rescue Services. Our goal is focused first and foremost to the citizens of Cannon County. However, we will extend our services to any agency, or persons, in need of rescue services or assistance. We will serve this goal to our best ability both locally and throughout the great State of Tennessee.